Carl Barks Comic Book Art



The Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck by Carl Barks Limited Numbered Slipcase Edition #XXX/1875



Here's a beautiful copy of the most lavish book ever produced featuring the fine art Duck paintings of Carl Barks.

This book reproduces 122 of Barks' Disney Ducks paintings, plus a few rare examples of his comic art (including the legendary "Silent Night" story, which was rejected by Disney for original publication.

Over 300 pages long, this represents the best of the best for Barks collectors! Fans of Carl Barks will adore this hardcover edition featuring glossy prints and fold-outs, 12 pcs of them .Autographed by Barks himself, and limited to 1,875 copies.

Every effort was made to insure the best quality reproduction and most of the final cromalin proofs were approved by Carl Barks himself. The color separations were color-corrected and adjusted until everyone was fully satisfied with the results. No time or expense was spared.

The foldouts were arranged to be fully-sewn and not merely tipped into the binding; the cover stock was chosen to last several lifetimes of use and appreciation Please note, this books offers much better printing and color quality what done in Egmont´s & Ehapa's similar books later.

Besides in those European later editions have been cropping a lot paintings, simply cut away image area close to borders of the paintings!

This edition is expected to be the "bible" for collectors who own (or seek to own) one or more of these paintings. The slipcase and the book has a very slight bit of wear, overall Very Fine condition.

No Barks collection is truly complete without this entertaining, comprehensive reference book.

Price : 750 Euro + Shipping costs


Carl Barks Original Artwork - 1950`ies. FOR SALE !

NEW !! Very Rare Original artwork by Carl Barks.

Carl Barks Sugar, Cain and Able Try-out Daily Comic Strip and Model Sheet Original Art (ca. late 1950s). 

Carl Barks spent the bulk of his long, illustrious cartooning career drawing various Disney Ducks -- mainly Donald and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. But Carl also had his sights set on doing non-"funny animal" work; as early as 1950, he began worrying that the Ducks' popularity would not last, and began tinkering with human characters. Here's an extremely rare example of Barks's attempt at a daily, human-character comic strip, molded much in the form of Donald and the kids. The fully-inked strip is done as two separate pieces, each with an image area of approximately 9.75" x 5.5", matted and framed to an overall size of 26.75" x 11". In addition, a model sheet of little "Cain" is included; note how the first row of heads is actually a Duck nephew with a "flattop" haircut! This piece, in graphite and blue pencil, has an image area of 10.5" x 9.5", matted and framed with a Barks autograph to 15.75" x 15.75". Both pieces are in Excellent condition. 



Carl Barks Original Cover for WDC # 277 - 1963. RESERVED / SOLD

NEW ! Very rare WDC Cover by Carl Barks. 

Only 26 ( of 256 ) original covers by Barks has survived.

This is the cover for WDC # 277 from 1963.

This cover from Walt Disney Comics & stories # 277 was drawn by Carl Barks in April 1963 and was published in October 1963.
Worth to note this cover offers the most “densest” composition from all Barks´ 256 covers, not only from currently known 24 survived original covers: all together 12 cartoon characters, in 2/3 page size. Even more remarkable note is that the artwork is having the only survived Gladstone Gander from Barks whole comic book production! From all of those 200+ survived original pages and covers this is the only survived artwork showing Gladstone Gander.

The WDC # 277 is a rather unusual cover which are leading the reader to the main story of the comic inside : “The Duckburg Pet Parade” – also drawn by Carl Barks. 

The WDC # 277 cover also contains a Mickey Mouse drawing by the great Paul Murry in the left corner of the cover.
It´s very unusual to find both Barks and Murry artwork on the same cover. 
This is probably the only cover artwork survived as a two-fer with both Barks and Murry on it.
The “missing piece” in the lower right corner was a set-up for a photograph of Zorro and was supposed to be placed later on.

Picture of the original artwork and the published cover version is shown.



Carl Barks - Scrooge McDuck sketch drawing. FOR SALE !

NEW ! 

A nice litlle Scrooge McDuck sketch drawing. 

Price : 500 Usd.