Carl Barks Comic Book Art


Surviving artwork from 1940`ies

I have always been very fond of Matti Eronen`s printed book from 1994, but I really missed seeing the surviving comic book art. The main purpose of this website is to show good photos/scans of the original pages. For the most part I have used scans from the Carl Barks Library [the multi-volume set published years ago by Another Rainbow] in black and white. but I have started to change these scans to reproductions from the originals—when I am able to find them (a very difficult task). So far, of the 200 pages shown on the site, about 80 are reproductions from the original artwork.. For now, reproductions of the remaining surviving pages on the site are from the CBL.

In this section we will start up with the examination of the 1940`ies survived artwork...

"The Trade Rat"


WDC 52 - January 1945

Trade rat

August 26, 1944.

The whole 5`th page from this 10 page story has survived. It is the earliest surviving comic book art by Barks. It is also the only”normal” non-censured page which has survived from the years 1942-1957.

The 5`th page from the "Trade rat" story would have been the only surviving comic book art from the 1940`ies, if the "Silent Night" story had not been too violent. The rejection of the "Silent Night" story saved the artwork.


The whole 5`th page has survived.

The artwork for the lower half page is in private collection in Finland.

"Silent Night"


WDC 64 – January 1945

Silent Night

August 31, 1945.

From this 10 page story nine and half pages have survived. It is only the splash panel ( the first half-page )which is missing.The story was unpublished until the book ”The Fine Art of Walt Disney`s Donald Duck by Carl Barks” was published in 1981.

The story was originally to be published in WDC 64 January 1945. It was rejected because it was reported as being sacriligious and un-Disney. The originals were returned to Barks who saved them until he gave them to some fans.

Barks used this story later when he made the 10 page story ”The Terrible Tourist” for WDC 248, may 1961. The script was rewritten and some panels are exactly the same in both stories.

Unpublished artwork.The original pages are part of private collections.

The original artwork is inked in black. The color version shown are from the CBL. ( Carl Barks Library ).

"Silent Night" page 1 - Lower Half

"Silent Night" Page 2

The 3`rd page was for sale at Galerie Laqua in 1997 for 21.850 $.

"Silent Night" Page 4

"Silent Night" page 5

"Silent Night" page 6

"Silent Night" page 7

"Silent Night" page 8

"Silent Night" page 9

"Silent Night" page 10