Carl Barks Comic Book Art


Carl Barks Original Artwork - 1950`ies. SOLD !

NEW !! Very Rare Original artwork by Carl Barks.

Carl Barks Sugar, Cain and Able Try-out Daily Comic Strip and Model Sheet Original Art (ca. late 1950s). 

Carl Barks spent the bulk of his long, illustrious cartooning career drawing various Disney Ducks -- mainly Donald and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. But Carl also had his sights set on doing non-"funny animal" work; as early as 1950, he began worrying that the Ducks' popularity would not last, and began tinkering with human characters. Here's an extremely rare example of Barks's attempt at a daily, human-character comic strip, molded much in the form of Donald and the kids. The fully-inked strip is done as two separate pieces, each with an image area of approximately 9.75" x 5.5", matted and framed to an overall size of 26.75" x 11". In addition, a model sheet of little "Cain" is included; note how the first row of heads is actually a Duck nephew with a "flattop" haircut! This piece, in graphite and blue pencil, has an image area of 10.5" x 9.5", matted and framed with a Barks autograph to 15.75" x 15.75". Both pieces are in Excellent condition. 



Carl Barks Original Cover for WDC # 277 - 1963. SOLD !

NEW ! Very rare WDC Cover by Carl Barks. 

Only 26 ( of 256 ) original covers by Barks has survived.

This is the cover for WDC # 277 from 1963.

This cover from Walt Disney Comics & stories # 277 was drawn by Carl Barks in April 1963 and was published in October 1963.
Worth to note this cover offers the most “densest” composition from all Barks´ 256 covers, not only from currently known 24 survived original covers: all together 12 cartoon characters, in 2/3 page size. Even more remarkable note is that the artwork is having the only survived Gladstone Gander from Barks whole comic book production! From all of those 200+ survived original pages and covers this is the only survived artwork showing Gladstone Gander.

The WDC # 277 is a rather unusual cover which are leading the reader to the main story of the comic inside : “The Duckburg Pet Parade” – also drawn by Carl Barks. 

The WDC # 277 cover also contains a Mickey Mouse drawing by the great Paul Murry in the left corner of the cover.
It´s very unusual to find both Barks and Murry artwork on the same cover. 
This is probably the only cover artwork survived as a two-fer with both Barks and Murry on it.
The “missing piece” in the lower right corner was a set-up for a photograph of Zorro and was supposed to be placed later on.

Picture of the original artwork and the published cover version is shown.



Carl Barks - Scrooge McDuck sketch drawing. FOR SALE !

NEW ! 

A nice litlle Scrooge McDuck sketch drawing. 

Price : 500 Usd.